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Supplier Spotlight - Carolyn

Carolyn, a crafter and a gardener, has been bringing her items to the shop now for 7 years or so.

She started with plants raised from cuttings from her garden, and some crocheted bits and bobs, but now she brings her hand crafted fabric items, she has a blog here where you will see many of her makes, and most of them will appear in the shop.

Recently retired she doesn't seem able to stop buying fabric, she is always looking for inspiration for new items to make and put in the shop!

VE Day celebrations - vintage china

Have you started planning that garden party yet?  Instead of the usual BBQ why not have tea in the garden?

Supplier Spotlight - Homespun Vintage - Debbie

 Debbie has been at Country Matters for over 8 years now, and she is a regular crafter and collector.  

You will often see her serving on a Friday, amongst other days.  She can offer advice on knitting, crochet, sewing and has been hosting our regular crafting sessions.

Re-use and Re-purpose - Jars and bottles

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At Country Matters Hexton we have a new supplier of jams, pickles and marmalades.  Most of the jars are re-used, the labels are soaked off, and then put in the dishwasher and ensured they are fully sterilised before adding lovely homemade produce...no more jars going to recycling until they have been reused a few time

VE Day Celebrations May 2020

This year celebrates the 75th anniversary of VE Day, and the May bank holiday will be on Friday 8th May.  Are you thinking of holding something to celebrate, maybe just a few friends around for a tea party in the garden?

Bread - in a bread machine - Recipe

We regularly stock Allinsons breadflour and yeast, making bread in a bread machine is so easy.  Maybe you have one tucked away in a cupboard and have forgotten about it?  Now is the time to get it out and give it another go, using this foolproof method.

I normally dust with flour and forgot before I put it in the oven.