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Supplier Spotlight ~ Vera ~ Naturalis Candles

Vera has been bringing her makes along to Hexton Country Matters for quite a while now, and keeps her space nicely stock with pretty packaging, making her candles a perfect present, but of course you can treat yourself too.

The items have been lovingly handmade locally in small batches, using 100% natural ingredients and recyclable containers, she is happy to take back your containers for a refill.

They have a long burning time, and are beautifully scented.

Vera started Naturalis Handmade 2019 after receiving a candle making kit for Christmas. She started to create many different candles using only natural ingredients. 

She enjoys the process of  making candles, and also finding some lovely jars and tins to use, along with introducing new scents.

For the summer she has seasonal smells that flies and bugs don’t like.

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