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Recipe ~ Summer Pudding

With the abundance of soft fruit in the summer months here is a really easy recipe, and it is even low in fat :)See what soft fruit is at Country Matters this week.

You need a quantity of fruit, a nice selection is good - but it pretty much works with any combination of:

Choose something with a bit of punch like blackcurrants or blackberries, but not too many that it overpowers.

Put all the fruit into a saucepan with some sugar, and a tiny drop of water, the quantity of sugar depends how sweet you like things.  Take nearly all of the fruit out of the saucepan leaving a small amount in the saucepan, mash it up with the juices to make more sauce.

Roughly line a pudding bowl with cling film leaving the edges out, this will ensure it will come out easy.

Now line the basin with a single layer of sliced white bread, you could experiment with different bread, just not too thick.

Leaving the slices as complete as possible, fill in all the gaps. Dunk the outside of the slices in the sauce and put back into the basin. Then pile the fruit into the basin so it is full. 

Make a sliced bread lid - again dunking the outside in the sauce.  Without dunking the outside of the slices, it sometimes doesn't seep all the way through.

Find a saucer that fits on top of the basin so that it would squash the contents down, and put a tin of something on top to weigh it down.

Leave overnight in the fridge.

There are loads of recipes on the internet, have a search around to see how others do it, t isn't a recipe that needs an exact science - just go with what you fancy, you just don't want too much juice, if you have too much use it to add to serve.

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