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Supplier Spotlight ~ Sammi ~ Handblown Glass

Sammi is a local artist who has been hand blowing glass for 4 years and is currently creating her pieces when she’s allowed to stay late after work.


She only has a few products available at a time and once they are gone they are gone.  So pretty when the sun light shines through them.

Glass baubles

It is hot work (furnace is over 1000 degrees) and she has to build up several layers of glass just to make one item. The tools she uses haven’t actually changed since the 14th century!

Once the item has been completed and gradually cooled overnight, it is taken into the cold shop to grind down the tops and do any polishing that is needed before it’s ready to go off to its new home.

Here are a few videos of the glass in action, you can see how beautiful it is.

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