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VE Day recipe idea - bread pudding

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This recipe makes enough to fill a traybake tin, perfect for using any leftover bread, including the crusts.

Bread Pudding
Bake 1 hour in a traybake at 170c Gas mark 3 325f
15 oz (425gms) Bread
14 fl oz (400 ml) of Milk (can do some water)
3oz (85gms) Sugar
10oz (280gms) Dried fruit
2oz or 3 oz (60 to 85gms) butter/margarine - melted
1 egg

I add some Mixed Spice and some nutmeg, cinnamon would be good if you don't have either.

Weigh your bread and then pour over the milk, let it soak for at least 30 mins, mash completely – I use a use mixer to get it smooth.  You can leave it soaking longer.

Then add everything else and bake, you can be decadent and add any dried fruit you fancy.  In this one I had some fresh pineapple that needed eating.  A mashed banana is good too.

Line the tin with baking paper not greaseproof/foil it will stick, pour mix in the tin, and sprinkle some sugar on top.  White or demerara are both good.

This quantities are very 'loose'!  and more bread can be added for a deeper mix, will need to cook for a little longer.

This makes 15 portions, or can be cut smaller for 'bite size'

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