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Swede or is it a Turnip


We normally have swedes when they are in season, and are a veg that are super tasty and can see you through the winter. 
Did you know that they are known as swede, swedish turnip, neep and snagger.  In the US they call them rutabaga.  Would love to know if you eat them, celebrate Burns night?

We like to cook ours in the following way....peel and cut swede into chunks, and peel and add a carrot or 2, then boil until they are just tender.  I personally don't like them when they are boiled and boiled, but I have seen recipes where they boil them loads!  

Add some garlic and seasoning.

Once they are cooked mash them with a potato masher - or even a fork if you don't have one, add some butter, and more seasoning if required.

Sprinkle in some grated cheese if you fancy.

Then sprinkle on some paprika and pop in the oven to finish.

We stock this and is perfect to adding to this dish.

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