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Flapjacks ~ Recipe

You can be rest assured that we will have a supply of Scott's Porage oats - Helen's favourite.

Apart from hot porage and overnight porage, you can make flapjacks.

On the back of the pack there has been a recipe

This is my favourite recipe:
6oz (150gms) Butter or Margerine
4oz (100gms) brown sugar (or mix of different depending on the filling)
2oz (50gms) syrup - I find it less messy to weigh it
12oz (300gms) oats
cinnamon or mixed spice

then optionally add up to 8oz (100gms) your favourite dried fruit, chopped apricots, dates, walnuts, cherries.

I have even added a mashed banana if there has been an over ripe one in the fruit bowl.

I found it best to line my tin with baking paper/parchment (do not use greaseproof it sticks to it), and cut into pieces when still slightly warm.

You can pretty much put in any shaped tin, and could even dip into chocolate and put in fancy bags for Christmas presents - who doesn't love a handmade gift.

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