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Re-use and re-purpose - Garden planters

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We have a selection of plants for the summer, and here is an idea to put them to use.....

Have you got a tired old saucepan, that has a bit of character?  or a colander or something similar?  There are some interesting things in the shop that could fit the bill.

Well how about planting it up?  The colander here is perfect as it already has drainage holes, no worries about drilling them, but you will need to add them, or if that is not possible put a lot of stones/crocks in the bottom, and make sure you do not over water.

You may need to line it with something, if it is full of holes, like this, just some plastic from a compost sack, just make sure you can't see it through the holes, so black side out.  Or an old jumper could work or sacking.

and you will need to make some holes in the plastic lining for drainage.

Here is my effort - they will soon fill up when the plants got established...

...better get checking those kitchen drawers

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