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Re-use and Re-purpose - Jars and bottles

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At Country Matters Hexton we have a new supplier of jams, pickles and marmalades.  Most of the jars are re-used, the labels are soaked off, and then put in the dishwasher and ensured they are fully sterilised before adding lovely homemade more jars going to recycling until they have been reused a few time

So you can always pop your jars back at the shop, any we can't use we drop off at the glass recycling.  And we love it if you have taken the time to remove the labels and given them a wash.

There are lots of ideas on the internet to re-purpose a jar, have you thought about giving it a go?

Food in a jar, some jam jars have lovely wide necks and perfect for sundaes and trifles, ideal if you are organising a party, no need to buy lots of new dishes:

Tealights - so many ideas for these, and now with the battery lights so readily available even easier. Add lace, raffia, hessian.  If doing loads it is probably worth investing in a hot glue gun.

Or you can get really creative with paints and make vases from interesting shaped bottles:

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