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Scott's Porage Oats - porage

Did you know we are stocking Porage oats (or is it Porridge oats).  A perfect start to the day especially on a winters morning.

I have got my porage making down to a fine art, I have found a glass that is just the right size for me (approximately half a cup)

I do mine in the microwave - so choose a bigger bowl than you would normally have.

I do one measure of this first when the glass is dry, and then one of milk and then one of water.  Now this is clearly depending on taste and you can do all milk if your prefer.  I use semi skimmed.

Then stir, put in the microwave for one minute - do not leave it for more than this as it may boil over.

Stir and do for another minute, or until you see it rising up.

With quality oats like these they will be soon done, I would suggest another minute or so - you will see what you like.

You can add sugar, honey, dried fruit fresh fruit - whatever takes your fancy.

Don't forget we have honey in the shop too.

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