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Scott's Porage Oats - overnight porage

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We now stock porage, it can be eaten hot or cold, and I do overnight oats several times a week, and was lovely during the summer months, eating on sunny mornings on the patio.

I find a nutella jar perfect for this, and it has a nice plastic lid for washing over and over.

Clearly you can put it in a bowl, but I like the jar, and no one can tip it over in the fridge, and in fact you can pop it in your bag and take it to the office.

I use the same quantity of oats as hot porage - half a cup of oats, but only half a cup of milk/water.  (I use a small glass).  you can add yoghurt instead of some of the milk or all of the milk.

Add strawberries (cut up), raspberries, banana, blueberries - what ever takes your fancy really, see the links below for many ideas.

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