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Supplier Spotlight ~ Carolyn ~ Crochet & Macrame


Working with cotton yarn Carolyn has made pretty summer jewellery.

Perfect for summer holidays.

Carolyn is now retired and loves to dabble in various crafts, she can't resist buying fabric and yarn, you will see a variety of her makes in Country Matters.  By buying her makes you will be helping clear her craft room of her shopping as it is getting a bit full, and then she can go out again!

She loves to upcycle, or grab something from a charity shop.  

She does see shopping as a hobby as well as crafting, keeping her steps up by walking around the shops, and of course exercise.

Carrying on with the crochet theme she has made a few bags, that have arrived in the shop this week.

And a new craft this year, some retro macrame plant pot hangers, a few of these are still in the shop.

She has a blog that she has kept going on and off for many years.

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