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Supplier Spotlight ~ Nick Peace ~ Woodturning

Nick has been woodturning for about 6 years.  Following his retirement, he started looking for something different to do, he started with a 2 day course in Axminster, and hasn't looked back since.  He has set himself up in his shed and spends many hours out there with his wood and tools.

Nick has started producing a numbered collection from wood that has been felled on the Hexton Estate, that had been felled over 30 years ago.  It had been forgotten about at the local sawmill.

Each of the pieces are numbered and are mostly walnut or box.

We are now open 3 days a week following our Covid shutdown.  The shop is now nice and spacious and you can easily move around and can keep your distance from other customers.

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some of the Hexton Estate walnut awaiting a new lease of life

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