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Baked Eggs - a quick lunch/light tea

The hens are starting to lay again and Eggs are available in Country Matters Hexton shop, so how abut this simple idea for a lunch/light tea.

This was a case of what was in the fridge/larder. - Recipe:
So some 
left over mash
Frozen sweetcorn
Mushrooms (added after picture!)

Use a frying pan with metal handle, or if not transfer the cooked ingredients into a small baking tin/tray.

Cut bacon into strips, fry with onions, I added spoonfuls of the mash, so that it was dotted around.
Add broccoli - small pieces, and then sweetcorn.

Once almost cooked (you may need to transfer to an ovenproof pan now) crack 2 (or 3) eggs on top and then put the whole lot in the oven around 200c - for around 10 minutes.

I guess my presentation could be better - but you get the idea, - was delish!

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