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Craft, knit and crochet

Did you know that we have a range of yarns in Country Matters, Hexton in a variety of colours, just check out the photo to see what we have at the moment.  We also have knitting needles and crochet hooks, so there is no excuse.

There are so many patterns available on the internet, and a lot of them free, try you have to 'join' but it is free, and there are lots of ideas on there to inspire.

There are also a lot of fabrics suitable for crafting, large pieces and small pieces, all sorts of patterns and weights - come along for a rummage, we may even have a matching thread as well.  Then you can have another rummage through our craft table and find all sorts of things to embellish your creation.

The items on the table are suitable for a variety of crafts including card making and scrapbooking.

And of course if making is not your things - we have loads of handmade items in the shop, from knitted baby clothes and cushions to lampshades and bunting :)

Just a few bits of fabrics - there are a lot more elsewhere

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